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Taking Control of Your Datacenter Destiny

Enabling Freedom, Improved Operations, and Efficiency

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The modern data center is the heart of the modern enterprise. Too often, however, the datacenter becomes a hindrance rather than helping propel the organization forward. Inherent legacy challenges plague efficiency and increase costs.

For example, what if you could eliminate dreaded end of year licensing “true-ups” while eliminating lock-in? What if you could implement license-free virtualization and focus instead on your workloads? What if you had an enterprise IT partner that wasn’t waiting, hat in hand, at the end of every year for increased licensing revenue?

During this unique four-webcast series, you will gain a firsthand look into how you can say goodbye to lock-in, expense, and inefficiency and hello to the freedom of choice -- of hardware, hypervisors, and clouds -- and become a leader.

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How to Choose the Right Architecture for Your Business

Webcast No. 1

  • Scott D. Lowe Partner
    ActualTech Media
  • Greg Smith VP of Product Marketing

Are you a leader or a laggard? IT as a competitive differentiator is not a legacy idea. Today, more than ever, the right datacenter and enterprise cloud architecture is critical in order for your organization to compete. The right architecture requires an on-premises and, increasingly, a deeply integrated cloud-based counterpart. This is where hyperconverged infrastructure and hybrid cloud come into play.

During the first session in this webinar series, we'll be covering these three hot topics:

• Traditional datacenter to hybrid cloud: The 10 things you must consider
• The fundamentals of HCI: What should you look for in a solution?
• Picking the winning architecture for your HCI deployment

Simplifying Datacenter Operations Now Available VIA On Demand

Reduce Complexity & Restore Peace to the Family Vacation!

Webcast No. 2

  • Scott D. Lowe Partner
    ActualTech Media
  • Brian Suhr Principal Technical Marketing Engineer

For most businesses, data center operations are not a strategic initiative. It’s overhead. By minimizing what it takes to operate these environment and accelerating administrative activities, businesses can become far more efficient and reduce costly administration-induced overhead. Even better for you, with improved datacenter efficiency comes less interruption. Maybe you can finally take that *uninterrupted* trip with the family!

On the second webinar in this exciting series:

• Learn best practices for the intelligent datacenter
• Discover non-disruptive scaling techniques
• Find out how AI operations can transform your environment
• Learn how to shift your focus from maintenance to innovation

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Creating the Right Datacenter Support Team

Webcast No. 3

  • Scott D. Lowe Partner
    ActualTech Media
  • Wendy Pfeiffer CIO

Is your datacenter support team facing 'tickets or crickets'? As you think about your datacenter support team, you need to consider both your internal resources as well as those of the vendors you’ve selected to operate your datacenter day-to-day. Not all vendors are created equal! And, the more vendors you have, the more likely it is that they’ll start blaming each other if things go wrong. It’s unfortunate, but it’s reality.

Your datacenter support needs to be unwavering in the face of adversity. You need a vendor that will have your back when the chips are down. But how do you actually do that? How do you make sure that, after the ink dries on the sales contract, you’ll actually get what you're expecting to get?

On the third webinar in this series, featuring special guest and Nutanix CIO Wendy Pfeiffer, we'll be covering:

• How to pick the right technology partner, one who will truly have your back in the datacenter
• What CIOs need to look for in a technology vendor to avoid making the wrong decision
• The secrets behind gaining the upper hand in your vendor relationships
• How to avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket

Outsmarting the 'Datacenter Mafia' Now Available VIA On Demand

Eliminating True-ups and Simplifying Enterprise Licensing Agreements

Webcast No. 4

  • Scott D. Lowe Partner
    ActualTech Media
  • Yanet Kaps Sr. Manager, Global Deal Desk

No CIO approaches the end of the year and says, “I can’t wait for my annual software audit!” But enterprise licensing agreements often make this an unavoidable pain. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you could discover the secret tactics employed by vendors like IBM and Cisco and discover how to avoid contract lock in?

On the final webinar in this series, we will:

• Learn how to outsmart the 'Datacenter Mafia'
• Find out how to avoid contract lock-in
• Discover the 7 tactics IBM, Cisco, and others employ and what you should look for to make your life a little easier

There are some philosophies that should be non-negotiable

  1. Datacenter control should belong to IT, not to the incumbent vendors who aren’t listening to or supporting you.
  2. The operation of storage, compute, and virtualization should be simple and achieved through a single pane of glass console… and that’s it.
  3. That there is more to enterprise IT than simply “keeping the lights on”
  4. That upgrades shouldn’t take weekends. That you deserve time with your family, friends, and fish.