Special Webinar Event Application Acceleration, Data Protection & the Path to Database Consolidation

What You Need to Know

Scott D. Lowe

Host Scott D. Lowe

ActualTech Media

Disk-based storage remains the bane of many data center environments, creating performance challenges that make it difficult to consolidate databases and workloads and leads to complex tiered islands of storage with massive hidden costs.

On This Webinar Event You’ll Discover

  • Are you interested in integrating workloads on the path to consolidating databases?
  • Are you dealing with aging storage technology, and escalating support and maintenance costs?
  • Are you saddled with a complex tiered storage solution that requires constant maintenance?
  • Is your data protection solution cumbersome?
  • Would you like to reduce your storage costs dramatically?
  • What is database consolidation and acceleration? Why will you need the best all-flash storage solution?
  • How you can simplify your storage environment, delight your customers, and transform performance at the cost of disk based storage.
  • How to provide a high-end data storage protection solution, that is easy to operate and manage, with flash speed and performance.
  • How to be ready for cloud storage scale, simplicity and availability? How to provide alternatives to complex tiered storage that requires constant tuning and maintenance.
  • How to give your database, storage, and server administrators what they need most: low latency, high I/O and ultra-reliable storage.