Special Webinar Event The Benefits and Security Considerations of Moving Healthcare EHR to Cloud with F5, Google Cloud, and Epic


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About This Webinar

As public cloud becomes mainstream for sensitive applications and data, the healthcare industry is cautiously evaluating cloud for electronic health records to achieve resiliency, democratized access at scale, and close proximity to innovative AI and analytics services. But what concerns should organizations have when it comes to securing sensitive patient and proprietary research data in the cloud?

Google Cloud has made great strides in providing secure infrastructure and services designed with healthcare industry requirements in mind and is building on its success with its Healthcare API and partnerships with F5 and Epic. Learn what a secure EHR journey to cloud can look like with F5, Google Cloud, and Epic.

  1. Jess Steinbach

    Host Jess Steinbach Webinar Moderator ActualTech Media

  2. Lauren Wood

    Featuring Lauren Wood Business Development Manager, Technology Alliances and Strategic Partnerships F5

  3. Joshua Haslett

    Featuring Joshua Haslett Strategic Technology Partner Manager Google Cloud