Special Webinar Event The Bundle Is Back! Connecting Consumers, Content and Broadband in the Streaming Age


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About This Webinar

While it ultimately became too big and expensive for consumers to afford, the traditional pay TV bundle was, at its peak, a fantastic mechanism for folks to find all the content they wanted in one easily searchable place.

In a post cord-cutting era, streaming has not so much fragmented the audience as it has atomized it. But consumers, who have more content choices than ever, still crave that bundled ease and simplicity. And their broadband providers still have a vested interest in connecting them to all the content they love and making it easily discoverable.

Join us on November 16, 2023, as MyBundle Co-founder and CEO Jason Cohen sits down with Next TV Editor Daniel Frankel for a fireside chat to discuss the next generation of the “bundle,” and how content creators and ISPs can use it to build scale and reduce churn, and how consumers can use it to better navigate streaming’s tricky terrain.

  1. Jason Cohen

    Featuring Jason Cohen CEO and Co-Founder MyBundle

  2. Dan Frankel

    Featuring Dan Frankel Managing Editor Next TV