NetApp & Fujitsu: Delivering an Optimized Hybrid Multicloud with EVAD Technologies


  • NetApp

About This Webinar

Hear from NetApp, Fujitsu and EVAD how to build a highly optimized hybrid multicloud environment starting with the right cloud for the right workload when moving data intensive VMware workloads to the cloud.

Leveraging NetApp’s modern cloud-connected workload first data management platform, EVAD Technologies delivers a cost-effective, efficient hybrid cloud platform to seamlessly migrate, extend or protect data across on-premises, to private cloud, hybrid and multicloud environments.

  1. Keith Ward

    Host Keith Ward Webinar Moderator ActualTech Media

  2. Craig Parker

    Featuring Craig Parker Head of Hybrid Cloud Europe Fujitsu

  3. Pádraigh Griffin

    Featuring Pádraigh Griffin CCRS NCSE PD Cyber MBA, CCO EVAD Technology Group

  4. Jason Kotsaftis

    Featuring Jason Kotsaftis Director of VMware Alliance NetApp

What You'll Learn

  1. Understand how the NetApp ASA block storage made for VMware integrations intuitively provisions, manages, and protects VMware workloads within their environments
  2. Learn how to simplify and accelerate the management of traditional and modern applications
  3. Take an application-first, cloud-smart approach to build a hybrid and multicloud architecture while maintaining flexibility and control of your virtual machines (VMs) and data.
  4. Deploy a cost-effective and efficient cloud-ready platform that is architected forward to seamlessly move workloads to public cloud providers and bring workloads back on-premises while maintaining operational consistency