MegaCast By ActualTech Media Achieving Data Protection Greatness: Products & Tools to Protect Invaluable Data assets


  • Rubrik
  • Clumio

About This MegaCast

Data powers the modern business like never before, making the protection of that data of paramount importance to every organization.

IT professionals seek to be great at protecting the data, wanting to be able to rise to the occasion when necessary to defend data or restore it after a ransomware attack or other hack attempt.

Join this MegaCast to discover innovative solutions that can help you shine when it comes to protecting data.

  1. To Be Announced

    Featuring To Be Announced Rubrik

  2. Lindsay Piper

    Featuring Lindsay Piper Product Marketing Manager Clumio

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn about the latest design goals and features of data protection tools
  2. Discover best practices for backup and recovery, data monitoring, and threat detection
  3. Find new ways to defend against data loss, compromise, or corruption