Reducing Backup and Disaster Recovery Storage Costs: On-Prem and in the Cloud


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About This Webinar

Exponential data growth takes its toll on IT budgets relating to backup and disaster recovery storage needs. Whether you store your backups in the datacenter or in the cloud, IT organizations have to either spend more money on storage or limit what they back up and how often they back up. Data growth also means it takes longer to complete your backups and perform recovery, adding risk of business downtime.

Join our webinar with data protection expert Adrian Moir, Sr. Product Management Consultant & Technology Strategist, to learn the secret to reducing backup and DR storage requirements and costs by 90% or more.

  1. Keith Ward

    Host Keith Ward Webinar Moderator ActualTech Media

  2. Adrian Moir

    Featuring Adrian Moir Sr. Product Management Consultant & Technology Strategist Quest

What You'll Learn

  1. From on-prem to cloud and hybrid environments
  2. Data growth, reliance, and threat risk impacts
  3. Understanding and reducing data footprint impact
  4. Exploring on-prem and cloud storage options
  5. How to store more data without breaking your budget
  6. Best practices, tips, and recommendations