EcoCast By ActualTech Media Identity Governance, Protection and Administration


  • Rubrik

About This EcoCast

Effective identity governance, protection, and administration are crucial for maintaining robust security and compliance in today's complex IT environments.

This EcoCast will provide IT professionals and managers with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement comprehensive identity management solutions. As an attendees, you'll discover key strategies for governing user identities, protecting sensitive information, and administering access controls. The sessions will cover the latest trends and technologies in identity governance, practical approaches to mitigating identity-related risks, and best practices for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Hear from experts at leading technology provider companies, and leave equipped to enhance your organization's identity management framework.

  1. Keith Ward

    Guest Speaker Keith Ward Webinar Moderator

  2. Nick Kallimani

    Featuring Nick Kallimani Solutions Engineer Rubrik

Why You Should Join:

  1. Gain insights into identity governance strategies
  2. Learn best practices for protecting sensitive information
  3. Understand access control administration techniques