MegaCast By ActualTech Media Protecting Your Data: The Intersection of Data Security, Security Awareness, and Ransomware


  • KnowBe4
  • SpyCloud
  • Pure Storage
  • Recovery Point
  • Zerto
  • Rubrik
  • HPE Aruba Networking
  • SentinelOne

About This MegaCast

The complexities of modern data security require a multifaceted approach. "Protecting Your Data: The Intersection of Data Security, Security Awareness, and Ransomware" is a crucial event for IT professionals and managers aiming to enhance their defensive strategies against emerging threats.

This MegaCast will address the convergence of data security principles, employee awareness training, and the growing threat of ransomware. You'll engage with top experts from leading security providers who will share insights on using their latest tools to create a resilient security culture, implement robust security frameworks, and respond effectively to ransomware and other attacks.

Join us to acquire the skills to safeguard your organization in an increasingly vulnerable digital landscape.

  1. Larry Seltzer

    Guest Speaker Larry Seltzer Security Researcher

  2. Erich Kron

    Featuring Erich Kron Security Awareness Advocate KnowBe4

  3. Chip Witt

    Featuring Chip Witt Senior Vice President, Product Management SpyCloud

  4. Jason Walker

    Featuring Jason Walker Global Practice Leader - MDP & Security Pure Storage

  5. Joseph Kim

    Featuring Joseph Kim Cloud Engineer III Recovery Point

  6. Andrew Silva

    Featuring Andrew Silva Technical Marketing Manager Zerto

  7. Vir Choksi

    Featuring Vir Choksi Senior Product Marketing Manager – Data Security Rubrik

  8. John Spiegel

    Featuring John Spiegel Director of Network Transformation, Field CTO HPE Aruba Networking

  9. Jaye Tillson

    Featuring Jaye Tillson Director of Strategy (Field CTO) HPE Aruba Networking

  10. Shane Harsch

    Featuring Shane Harsch Principal Solution Engineer SentinelOne

  11. Adriana Corona

    Featuring Adriana Corona Director of Product Management, AI/ML SentinelOne

  12. Alex Stamos

    Featuring Alex Stamos Chief Trust Officer SentinelOne

  13. Ely Kahn

    Featuring Ely Kahn VP Product Management, Cloud Security and AI/ML SentinelOne

What You'll Learn

  1. Enhance your knowledge of advanced security protocols
  2. Build effective defense mechanisms against ransomware
  3. Foster a security-aware culture within your organization