EcoCast By ActualTech Media Taming Storage Chaos: Simplifying On-Prem and Cloud-Based Storage Architectures


  • Scale Computing
  • NetApp

About This EcoCast

Managing storage effectively across diverse environments presents a significant challenge for IT pros. "Taming Storage Chaos: Simplifying On-Prem and Cloud-Based Storage Architectures" is designed to arm IT professionals and managers with the necessary strategies to streamline their storage infrastructures.

This EcoCast will explore the best practices for integrating on-premises and cloud-based storage solutions, ensuring seamless data accessibility and security. Experts from leading storage providers will discuss the importance of data infrastructure observability and unified visibility across on-premises and cloud-based storage, techniques for proactive capacity planning, issue resolution, rapid restoration of impacted workloads and expedited troubleshooting, data deduplication, automated tiering, disaster recovery planning, and more. Attendees will discover how to reduce complexity, improve cost efficiency, and enhance performance within their storage architectures using the latest tools and technologies.

Join us to discover innovative approaches to managing storage that can transform your organization's data handling capabilities.

  1. Bill Kleymen

    Guest Speaker Bill Kleymen

  2. Chris Nietzold

    Featuring Chris Nietzold Senior Hardware Engineer Scale Computing

  3. Jeremiah Essig

    Featuring Jeremiah Essig Solutions Architect NetApp

What You'll Learn

  1. Explore scalable storage solutions across platforms
  2. Learn cost-effective strategies for data management
  3. See how observability solutions help balance capacity planning and performance
  4. Discover tools to automate and secure data storage