EcoCast By ActualTech Media Zero Trust Security - Truth vs Fiction


  • Zscaler
  • Rubrik
  • HPE Aruba Networking
  • Okta
  • Noname Security
  • Palo Alto Networks

About This EcoCast

As network architectures changed with the cloud, the concept of Zero Trust has gained significant attention as a potential solution for security challenges. However, there are misconceptions and myths surrounding its implementation and effectiveness.

This EcoCast aims to demystify Zero Trust Security by separating truth from fiction. Expert speakers will delve into the core principles of Zero Trust, debunk common misconceptions, and provide practical insights into its real-world implementation. Learn how Zero Trust can revolutionize your organization's security posture by adopting a holistic approach to identity verification, access control, and threat prevention.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Zero Trust Security and its potential impact on your organization's security strategy. Join us and separate fact from fiction in the realm of cybersecurity.

  1. Lindsay Kaye

    Guest Speaker Lindsay Kaye Vice President of Threat Intelligence, HUMAN Security

  2. Jacob Serpa

    Featuring Jacob Serpa Sr. Portfolio Marketing Manager Zscaler

  3. Joshua Stenhouse

    Featuring Joshua Stenhouse Field CTO Cyber Resilience Rubrik

  4. John Spiegel

    Featuring John Spiegel Director of Network Transformation, Field CTO HPE Aruba Networking

  5. Jaye Tillson

    Featuring Jaye Tillson Director of Strategy (Field CTO) HPE Aruba Networking

  6. Eila Shargh

    Featuring Eila Shargh Director, Solutions Product Marketing Okta

  7. Doug Steele

    Featuring Doug Steele Regional Vice President, Federal Noname Security

  8. Jason Georgi

    Featuring Jason Georgi Field CTO - Prisma Access Palo Alto Networks

What You'll Learn

  1. Gain clarity on the principles of Zero Trust Security
  2. Explore real-world implementation strategies and best practices
  3. Understand the benefits of adopting a Zero Trust approach