MegaCast By ActualTech Media From the Data Center to the Cloud: Optimizing and Modernizing IT Infrastructure


  • Catchpoint Systems
  • Keeper Security
  • Scale Computing
  • Commvault
  • Pure Storage
  • CyberArk
  • Nutanix
  • Quantum

About This MegaCast

It’s not about where your data and applications live, it’s about how well they run. While the main trend in the industry is toward more cloud, not every application can or should run in the cloud, and even those applications that are in the cloud can often run better.

Attend this special MegaCast to learn how to optimize and modernize your IT infrastructure, no matter where it is. You’ll discover tips for attaining peak performance from an on-premises datacenter, and for boosting cloud performance to new highs. Spend a few hours with expert presenters from leading providers of both cloud and datacenter solutions, and you’ll leave with insights for obtaining maximum performance from your own applications and data.

  1. Dan Sullivan

    Guest Speaker Dan Sullivan

  2. Mark Towler

    Featuring Mark Towler Product Marketing Director Catchpoint Systems

  3. Shree Shirgurkar

    Featuring Shree Shirgurkar VP of Product Catchpoint Systems

  4. Nick Admundsen

    Featuring Nick Admundsen Head of Product Keeper Security

  5. Craig Theriac

    Featuring Craig Theriac VP of Product Management Scale Computing

  6. Katie Colucci

    Featuring Katie Colucci Associate Product Marketing Manager Commvault

  7. Kevin Rickson

    Featuring Kevin Rickson Product Marketing Director Pure Storage

  8. Mark Hurter

    Featuring Mark Hurter Solutions Architect CyberArk

  9. Maggie Smith

    Featuring Maggie Smith Sr. Solutions Manager Nutanix

  10. Timothy Sherbak

    Featuring Timothy Sherbak Enterprise Products and Solutions Quantum

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn effective hybrid infrastructure management techniques
  2. Explore containerization strategies for modern applications
  3. Implement automation to streamline IT operations