Discovery Day: Products and Services That Support Cloud Migration, Security, Sustainability, and Success


  • TierPoint
  • KnowBe4
  • Zerto
  • Pure Storage
  • Rubrik

About This Summit

As we approach the middle of the year, the real requirements of the business start to diverge from the budget. No matter how solid our budget process was in the middle of last year, the issues that we expected would demand our attention in 2024 have invariably faded in importance or been eclipsed by new business demands or technology problems.

Enter Discovery Day, an opportunity to take a fresh look at a wide array of cutting-edge products and services that can help with the problems or opportunities you’re facing now! Whether your new priorities are cloud migration, security enhancement, sustainability, or achieving success in the digital landscape, this event is tailored for IT professionals and managers seeking innovative solutions to streamline their operations and ensure robust infrastructure.

Explore industry-leading tools and strategies from renowned experts to optimize your cloud journey while prioritizing security and sustainability. Discover firsthand how these solutions can revolutionize your organization's IT portfolio and drive lasting success.

  1. Ned Bellavance

    Guest Speaker Ned Bellavance

  2. dMitri DeVos

    Featuring dMitri DeVos VP Solutions Engineering and Architecture TierPoint

  3. Roger A. Grimes

    Featuring Roger A. Grimes Data-Driven Defense Evangelist KnowBe4

  4. David Paquette

    Featuring David Paquette Product Marketing Manager Zerto

  5. Allan Hirt

    Featuring Allan Hirt Technical Evangelist Pure Storage

  6. Vir Choksi

    Featuring Vir Choksi Senior Product Marketing Manager Rubrik

What You'll Learn

  1. Gain insights into the latest trends and technologies
  2. Learn actionable strategies for seamless cloud migration
  3. Explore sustainable practices for long-term IT success