Expert Series By ActualTech Media Best Practices Series: Securing and Protecting Microsoft Active Directory


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About This Expert Series

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) serves as the backbone of many organizations' IT infrastructures, making its security and protection a top priority. This Expert Series session, tailored for IT professionals and managers, offers a deep dive into best practices for securing and safeguarding Microsoft Active Directory.

Brien Posey, an independent, expert speaker with deep expertise on Active Directory, will share insights into effective strategies for mitigating AD-related risks, enhancing access control, detecting and responding to threats, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. As an attendee, you’ll gain practical knowledge and actionable recommendations to strengthen your organization's AD security posture and better protect sensitive data and resources.

  1. Brien Posey

    Guest Speaker Brien Posey 22 x Microsoft MVP Commercial Astronaut Candidate

Why You Should Join:

  1. Discover actionable strategies to enhance Microsoft Active Directory security
  2. Learn best practices for access control and threat detection
  3. Gain insights into compliance requirements and regulatory standards