EcoCast By ActualTech Media Detecting, Investigating, and Responding to Threats: Best Practices


  • eSentire Inc.
  • Rubrik
  • Censys
  • Progress Software

About This EcoCast

Join us for an illuminating EcoCast focused on refining the art of detecting, investigating, and responding to cybersecurity threats.

In today's dynamic threat landscape, IT professionals and managers face relentless challenges in safeguarding their organizations' digital assets. This event offers a comprehensive exploration of industry-leading practices and strategies for threat detection, rapid investigation, and effective response.

Expert speakers from top cybersecurity solution providers will delve into cutting-edge technologies, threat intelligence methodologies, and incident response frameworks to equip attendees with the knowledge and skills needed to combat emerging threats.

  1. Allan Liska

    Guest Speaker Allan Liska

  2. Derek Thomas

    Featuring Derek Thomas Director, Tactical Threat Response eSentire Inc.

  3. Zoltan Deak

    Featuring Zoltan Deak Director of Product Marketing Rubrik

  4. Celestine Jahren

    Featuring Celestine Jahren Director, International Sales Censys

  5. Andy Redman

    Featuring Andy Redman Director, Americas Solution Engineering Progress Software

What You'll Learn

  1. Acquire actionable insights to enhance threat detection capabilities
  2. Gain practical strategies for swift and thorough threat investigations
  3. Discover best practices for rapid and effective cybersecurity threat response