Expert Series By ActualTech Media Security Series: Firewalls - Why They Matter, and Where They Fit in the Cloud Era


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About This Expert Series

Firewalls emerged in a different era of computing, before the cloud, when networks had clearly defined boundaries. Yet far from being irrelevant, firewalls have evolved constantly and quickly to defend data assets against emergent threats in the modern computing architecture.

This Expert Series session will explain the role and significance of firewalls, and how they remain crucial for a complete cybersecurity strategy.

Security expert Evgeniy Kharam will take a deep dive into how firewalls matter in the context of the cloud era. Kharam will enumerate key new categories and features of firewalls that are essential to defending the modern computing estate.

Join this session for fresh ideas and the latest intelligence on how effective use of the right firewalls can help you defend against evolving challenges within cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

About the Speaker

Evgeniy Kharam is a cybersecurity executive with deep technical roots and is the founder of several influential podcasts on cybersecurity. He spent nearly 16 years at Herjavec Group in pre- and post-sales support, including as vice president for Cybersecurity Solution Architecture. Previously, he worked in firewall QA engineering at Check Point Software Technologies. Since 2020, Evgeniy has co-hosted the Security Architecture Podcast, and recently launched the Cyber Inspiration Podcast.

  1. Scott Bekker

    Host Scott Bekker Webinar Moderator ActualTech Media

  2. Evgeniy Kharam

    Guest Speaker Evgeniy Kharam Co-Founder, Security Architecture Podcast

What You'll Learn

  1. Explore strategies for optimizing firewall efficacy in cloud environments
  2. Gain insights into the evolving challenges of cloud-based cybersecurity
  3. Discover how firewalls have evolved to counter cloud-based security threats