Improving Security and Ransomware Preparedness in Healthcare Environments


  • Rubrik
  • Censys

About This EcoCast

Healthcare organizations make an especially juicy target for ransomware attacks. Critical life-sustaining equipment and processes could be compromised in a successful attack, ratcheting up the pressure for critical care facilities to pay and get all systems back online immediately. Meanwhile, regulations affecting patient data provide a second leverage point for attackers, who can threaten to release stolen  patient data as another way to force healthcare organizations to pay.

This EcoCast will focus on fortifying security and ransomware preparedness within healthcare environments. This session is curated for healthcare IT professionals, administrators, and security experts seeking actionable strategies to safeguard patient data and ensure uninterrupted healthcare services.

Expert presenters will address the unique challenges faced by healthcare institutions, covering topics such as robust cybersecurity protocols, employee training, and incident response planning. Attendees will gain valuable insights into improving security postures, implementing effective measures to prevent ransomware attacks, and fostering a resilient healthcare infrastructure.

Don't miss this opportunity to fortify healthcare cybersecurity. Register now to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to enhance security and ransomware preparedness in healthcare environments, safeguarding critical patient information and maintaining the integrity of healthcare services.

  1. Brien Posey

    Guest Speaker Brien Posey

  2. Zubin Talavia

    Featuring Zubin Talavia Advisory Sales Engineer Rubrik

  3. Celestine Jahren

    Featuring Celestine Jahren Director, Business Development Censys

What You'll Learn

  1. Safeguard patient data with advanced security measures and practices
  2. Acquire practical steps to prepare for and mitigate ransomware threats
  3. Strengthen security to ensure uninterrupted healthcare services and patient care