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It's no secret that malicious attackers are trying to gain access to your company's most critical data and hold it for ransom. Every IT professional's worst nightmare is waking up to find their data encrypted and inaccessible, otherwise known as a "resume-generating event". How can you protect yourself and your company's most precious data assets?

Thankfully there are new solutions for IT organizations that combine cloud and data protection technologies to create Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, or DRaaS options that speed recovery times dramatically. New ransomware protection solutions continually scan your backup data for signs of ransomware, ensuring it's available when you need it most.  Add to that new 'gamified' employee training tools that help you build a human firewall against these threats.

Join us on Wednesday, December 5th to see these solutions back-to-back and compare the different vendor approaches available to you!

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