Rubrik Zero Labs Summit: The Journey to Secure an Uncertain Future


About This Webinar

Understanding and preparing for risk is a tricky endeavor, especially when it comes to your data.

Humans tend to be optimistic when they prepare for risk. Even when assessing the strength of their cybersecurity—a topic infamous for its fear, uncertainty, and doubt—an organization’s hope and goodwill often outweighs their actual ability to thwart and recover from attacks.

Rubrik Zero Labs assessed both the overall sentiments surrounding data security and the actual on-the-ground realities to see how prepared organizations are and what it will take to secure their futures.

Join Steve Stone, Head of Rubrik Zero Labs and cybersecurity veterans to learn how they assess and navigate risk and what you can do to prepare your organization for the next five years.

  1. Daniel Newman

    To Be Announced Daniel Newman CEO & Chief Analyst The Futurum Group

  2. Larry Zelvin

    Guest Speaker Larry Zelvin Executive VP and Head of Financial Crimes Unit BMO Financial Group

  3. Aaron Hughes

    Guest Speaker Aaron Hughes Senior Vice President and CISO Albertsons

  4. Amit Aggarwal

    Guest Speaker Amit Aggarwal Former Head of Cybersecurity Moderna

  5. Steven Stone

    Featuring Steven Stone Head of Rubrik Zero Labs Data Security's Uncertain Future: What You Need to Know

  6. Steven Stone

    Featuring Steven Stone Head of Rubrik Zero Labs How Top Cybersecurity Experts Predict Threats and Navigate Risk

  7. Sandra Joyce

    Featuring Sandra Joyce VP, Mandiant Intelligence Google Cloud

  8. Steven Stone

    Featuring Steven Stone Head of Rubrik Zero Labs How CISOs Navigate Uncertainty: A Fireside Chat

What You'll Learn

  1. Why you’re probably underprepared to secure your organization’s data—even if you’re pretty confident about it right now.
  2. How to recalibrate your approach to data security based on our analysis of on-the-ground realities.
  3. Actionable steps you can take to better secure your organization’s data now and in the future.