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Tales from the Multi-Cloud Crypt

A Wicked Webinar Event

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As Halloween approaches, it becomes clear that legacy data center environments can be scary and inefficient places with unexpected surprises that pop up at every turn. IT pros and decision makers face everything from hallowing hybrid cloud costs to insufficient infrastructure parts. These are the kinds of surprises that you never want.

What better way to start the correction process than sharing your tales and lore and learning from your peers? Our webinar on October 16th will feature stories on 3 key topics: Modernizing Your Datacenter, Simplifying & Scaling SAP Landscapes, and Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization. You’ll see what unexpected dangers lie in wait and the solutions it takes to stop them in their tracks.

When it comes to infrastructure, SAP, and cloud cost challenges, this webinar series has just the remedies to help you uplevel your architecture.

Kick-off with ActualTech Media's David Davis 1:00-1:15pm:

Kicking off the event is vExpert and moderator, David Davis, who will cover the agenda for the event, introduce the presenters, and how to use the console.

  • David Davis ActualTech Media

The Monster Mash: Escaping Zombie IT 1:15-1:55pm

Businesses are increasingly relying on IT to deliver digital capabilities that will drive productivity and growth. Traditional infrastructure is not agile, does not foster innovation, and is burdensome to setup, manage and upgrade. Yikes! See how IT professionals like you can rapidly deploy agile, software-defined infrastructure to rapidly serve applications that support demanding business needs and digital experiences. +Show More

  • Krishnan Badrinarayanan Nutanix

Grand Prize Draw #1 - iPhone XS Max 1:55pm

iPhone XS

Must be live in Attendance. 6.5", 64gb Model. No Cash value, or exchanges.

Controlling Your Frankencloud 1:55-2:35pm

Many application and technology budget owners are surprised by the unexpectedly high costs of their cloud services. To prevent terrifyingly uncontrolled cloud spend and enable accurate resource planning, cloud teams need better visibility of service consumption across their multi-cloud environments. Nutanix Beam takes away the fright by providing organizations with deep visibility and rich analytics detailing cloud consumption patterns, along with one-click cost optimization. Learn about how Beam proactively identifies idle and underutilized resources, delivers intelligent recommendations to right-size instances and automates security and compliance across cloud environments. +Show More

  • Gil Haberman Nutanix

Grand Prize Draw #2 - iPhone XS Max 2:35pm

iPhone XS

Must be live in Attendance. 6.5", 64gb Model. No Cash value, or exchanges.

SAP: Exploring the HANA-ted House 2:35-3:15pm

When it comes to running your SAP landscapes, and especially SAP HANA, do you feel like Dr. Frankenstein paring a myriad of separate infrastructure components with a castle full of cables, racks, and electricity for your TDI deployments? Or do you feel like the Mummy, able to more quickly escape from the crypt and be up and running, but constrained from change by the binds of your original certified appliance choices? Banish these fears by learning how you can use Nutanix for SAP, getting the best of both the TDI and appliance models with the first Hyperconverged Infrastructure certified solution for SAP HANA, to help you improve operational and business outcomes and achieve faster time to value across all your SAP landscapes. Discover how the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform brings instant cloud-centric benefits for on-premises SAP deployments by achieving better visibility, enhanced availability, predictable performance, better IT agility for dev/test and upgrades, and effortless, incremental resource scaling. +Show More

  • Greg White Nutanix

Grand Prize Draw #3 - iPhone XS Max 3:15pm

iPhone XS

Must be live in Attendance. 6.5", 64gb Model. No Cash value, or exchanges.