State of IT Security: What's Important Right Now?


  • Lacework
  • VAST Data
  • Rubrik

About This MegaCast

It's been a big year for IT security (although name a recent year that hasn't).

As the year winds down, this MegaCast presents an opportunity to look back on some of the most notorious incidents and scariest attack trends, as well as promising new defense techniques.

What did we learn, and what can we expect in the year ahead?

Join this MegaCast to recap what was important in security in 2023, and what kinds of innovative security products or services can help you take on the challenges of 2024.

  1. Tony Karam

    Featuring Tony Karam Product Marketing Lead Lacework

  2. Jeff Harbert

    Featuring Jeff Harbert Director of Strategic Alliances, Data Protection VAST Data

  3. Stuart Abbott

    Featuring Stuart Abbott Director, International Data Protection VAST Data

  4. Joshua Stenhouse

    Featuring Joshua Stenhouse Field CTO Cyber Resilience Rubrik

What You'll Learn

  1. Review the major security incidents of 2023, and the devious innovations that attackers pioneered
  2. Learn about solutions that employ new techniques and tactics to keep you secure
  3. Discover ways that AI is helping defend against attacks