Ransomware: Preventing Phishing and Spear-Phishing Attacks


  • ReliaQuest
  • Graphus

About This EcoCast

Ransomware has grown more complicated over the last few years, with attackers leveraging nearly every type of attack vector in their attempts to invade organizations with ransomware payloads. Nevertheless, one vector has remained constant and tops the list of attack methods – phishing and spear-phishing.

No ransomware defense strategy is complete without a major component for protecting against email-based threats intended largely to trick users into clicking their way into trouble.

Join this EcoCast to learn how innovative solutions can help your users outsmart the attackers or how you can use automation or artificial intelligence to stop the sneaky messages before end users ever see them.

  1. J'Yah Marshall

    Featuring J'Yah Marshall Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager ReliaQuest

  2. Miles Walker

    Featuring Miles Walker Channel Development Manager Graphus

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn about the latest attack methods
  2. Discover how artificial intelligence is making the fight against phishing harder
  3. Find out how innovations in tools and solutions are helping organizations stop attacks before they get to the ransom stage!