Open Storage Summit 2023

Disruptive new technologies and innovations changing the landscape for high-performance storage

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New innovations for storage performance

The explosion of AI is further heightening demand for storage performance and capacity as organizations feed models and databases with unprecendented amounts of data, meaning the next generation of storage technologies will need to deliver even greater performance, density and capacity than ever before.

Supermicro's fourth annual Open Storage Summit brings together leading storage experts from across the industry including drive manufacturers, compute components manufacturers, software developers and of course Supermicro's industry leading system architects to discuss the latest in storage technologies and how they will solve tomorrow's data challenges from the data center right out to the intelligent edge.

This year’s Summit kicks off on August 15th with a roundtable keynote session, followed by five focus sessions, with guests from the storage industry's leading players including Intel®, AMD, NVIDIA, Micron, Kioxia, Solidigm, and Samsung, as well as Supermicro’s storage software partners.

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Virtual Event Sessions

  1. All-Flash Innovation for Next-generation Storage Solutions Round Table

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    Partnered with:
    1. KIOXIA
    2. Solidigm
    3. Micron
    4. Samsung
    SSG 121E NES24R Screen Shot

    Organizations remain increasingly hungry for ever-more dense data storage systems that satisfy their burgeoning data requirements, but they also need to ensure that such systems remain physically and environmentally stable. Ongoing advancements in both flash and spinning disk are providing businesses with new menu items that can help them solve critical business challenges while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

    During this kickoff session for the 2023 Open Storage Summit, you will discover how technical advances in flash storage, including the introduction of the E3.S form factor and Compute Express Link (CXL), bring a new evolution to what is already a revolutionary technology. In addition, demonstrating that spinning disk is and will remain a healthy choice for capacity-ravenous applications, you’ll be introduced to technological advances that are ushering in the era of the 30 TB hard drive.

    During this segment, you will:
    • Be introduced to new features and improvements in E3.S and learn how they can help transform your business
    • Get a peek at the future capacity roadmap for flash and HDD storage, including new form factors such as E3.S, the path to 30TB HDD, and what’s in store for subsequent generations of storage
    • Discover how storage innovations increase performance and lower TCO
    • Learn about how CXL can breath new performance life into critical business applications
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    1. Tyler Nelson Tyler Nelson Senior Manager – Application Performance Lab, KIOXIA
    2. Tahmid Rahman Tahmid Rahman Director, Data Center Product Marketing, Solidigm
    3. Eric Caward Eric Caward Senior Manager for Emerging Memory, Micron
    4. Young Paik Young Paik Senior Director, New Business Product Planning, Samsung
    5. Patrick Chiu Patrick Chiu Sr. Director of Storage Product Management, Supermicro
  2. AI Storage Optimization with GPUDirect Storage and RDMA

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    Partnered with:
    1. NVIDIA
    AS 4125GS TNRT Screen Shot

    In a time in which pure processing power is game-changing, it’s important to continually reflect on current solutions and look for new ways to keep business players progressing through new levels.  Sometimes, that progress means stopping investment in an old version of that game and crafting a whole new open world instead.

    In Session 2 of our 2023 Open Storage Summit, you will hear from NVIDIA on how they are helping organizations build whole new worlds in which to operate. Through the introduction of the third pillar of computing - the Data Processing Unit - DPUs join CPUs and GPUs to create a futuristic blue sky environment in which applications are accelerated well beyond the capabilities of CPUs alone.

    This is particularly important in the frenetically growing AI market, in which lightning-fast storage processing time means that critical business initiatives make their way to the leaderboard instead of being relegated to game-over status.

    During this session, players in the audience will:
    • Discover the limitations inherent in traditional storage architectures
    • Understand the advantages of GPUDirect storage and RDMA for AI
    • Learn how the GPUDirect Storage and RDMA work at the rack-level to combine the resources of multiple systems into one massive compute cluster
    • Uplevel their knowledge around how DPUs can effectively offload compute tasks to massively improve storage performance
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    1. Rob Davis Rob Davis Vice President of Storage Technology, NVIDIA
    2. Alok Srivastav Alok Srivastav Sr. Solutions Manager, Supermicro
  3. Fire Up Your Mission Critical Applications: Accelerating vSAN with Next-Generation Storage Technologies

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    Partnered with:
    1. Intel®
    SYS 221BT DNC8R Screen Shot

    There is an insatiable appetite to use AI to execute faster and bring new insights and innovations to industries to completely disrupt traditional business models, products and services. And feeding data-hungry AI training models requires a storage solution that has the performance to deliver. While many would just see a whirring server in the data center, a quick peek beneath that server’s lid reveals a comprehensive set of processor-integrated technologies and services that help vSAN go the extra mile for businesses around the world and turn ordinary business fare into delectable innovations that satisfy.

    Combined with the simplicity and agility of vSAN, 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors bring significant performance improvements to even the most storage-intensive applications. When you add the Supermicro BigTwin architecture to the recipe, you get an enviable ability to scalability vSAN environments without having to continually add more chefs to the IT payroll.

    During this session, guests will:
    • Learn why vSAN has grown so popular and how it’s been traditionally implemented
    • Discover how 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and vSAN unlock new potential for AI workloads and significant performance improvements over prior generations
    • Gain critical insight into why Supermicro’s BigTwin architecture is the ideal choice to maximize vSAN performance
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    1. Ananda Mahesh Ananda Mahesh Senior Systems and Solutions Architect, Intel®
    2. Vince Chen Vince Chen Senior Director of Solutions Architecture, Supermicro
  4. Embracing the AI Era: Designing High Throughput, Low Latency AI Storage Solutions

    Now On Demand
    Partnered with:
    1. AMD
    2. WEKA
    ASG 2115S NE332R Screen Shot

    Once-in-a-generation innovations are rare, but the world is at exactly that transition point with AI-enabled everything. Businesses around the world will find ways to use this rapidly evolving technology as an answer to ever more challenging business questions. Technology advances also require an evolution of the supporting enablers that make that advancement magical.

    This session of our 2023 Open Storage Summit delves into building high performance storage architectures for the new generation of workloads. From designing next-gen architectures for high-throughput, low-latency AI storage to discovering new media types and performance acceleration opportunities to make sure your AI tools truly differentiate your business, you will discover how customers are already using these tools to help push their organizations into the future.

    Viewers of this segment will:
    • Be introduced to next-gen architectures for high-density AI storage and how they are developed
    • Understand how key storage drive vendors are developing next-generation storage media, that helps you sustainably grow storage to petabyte scale
    • Learn the advantages of using UP architecture for storage
    • Discover how high performance file systems such as Weka can further accelerate storage performance to open new business opportunities
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    1. Siddhartha Karkare Siddhartha Karkare Director, Manufacturing & Server Ecosystem Development, AMD
    2. Shimon David Shimon David CTO, WEKA
    3. William Li William Li Director, Solution Management, Supermicro
  5. Demystifying HCI and Multi-Cloud Deployments for OEM Storage

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    Partnered with:
    1. Nutanix
    SYS 221BT HNC9R Screen Shot

    As organizations try to find their way in the world of cloud and on-prem infrastructure, many find the perfect balance in a hybrid cloud environment which allows the best of both worlds, but it takes a great deal of technical mastery behind the scenes to make the hybrid cloud dream a reality.

    In Session 5 of our 2023 Open Storage Summit, you will peel back the curtain to reveal how a magical combination of Supermicro hardware and Nutanix software can help organizations lower the cost and improve the efficiency of their IT infrastructure, avoiding any on-prem vs cloud nightmares.

    During this session, the audience will:
    • Learn about the challenges faced in moving to a hybrid cloud environment
    • Understand the advantages of hybrid cloud including cost, flexibility and efficiency
    • Become familiar with the hardware required to run Nutanix hybrid cloud environments
    • Discover how Nutanix is improving their hybrid cloud offering to match the increasing performance of new-generation systems from Supermicro
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    1. Tarkan Maner Tarkan Maner Chief Commercial Officer, Nutanix
    2. Sim Upadhyayula Sim Upadhyayula General Manager, Solutions, Supermicro
  6. Driving a Business Revolution with Object and Parallel Storage for Data Lake, AI and Large-Scale Workloads

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    Partnered with:
    1. Toshiba
    2. Seagate
    SSG 640SP DE1CR90 Screen Shot

    Data has become the oil that lubricates the business innovation engine. In recent years, road conditions have led organizations to race to object storage services in the cloud to support revving up AI and massive-scale data workloads. However, as organizations review their cloud fuel bill, many are turning to traditional spinning storage to drive their AI-accelerated muscle applications with more freedom and at a lower cost.

    Data-guzzling AI and other data-intensive workloads, such as data lakes, have been gasoline for the cloud migration fire, but as these workloads become increasingly business-critical, the time has come to consider on-premises object storage as an alternative to cloud storage. Such a migration doesn’t come without challenge, however, and organizations need to enter this arena with a clear understanding of the potential potholes that may run across. Moreover, as newer kinds of workloads enter the race, assessing their performance profiles is critical to ensuring that the data-centric business innovation engine remains finely tuned.

    During this supercharged session, viewers on the stands will:
    • Learn why on-premises object storage is a viable alternative to cloud-based solutions and the most important considerations when making the move
    • Understand why traditional spinning disk storage still offers attractive benefits for large-scale on-prem storage needs.
    • Get an insight to how software defined storage solutions are able to maximize large scale object storage performance while minimizing TCO
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    1. Kyle Yamamoto Kyle Yamamoto Vice President & GM, HDD Business Unit, Toshiba
    2. Mitchell Rose Mitchell Rose Director of Product Line Management, Seagate
    3. Paul Mcleod Paul Mcleod Product Director, Supermicro
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  2. Micron
  3. Nutanix
  4. Samsung
  5. Seagate
  6. Solidigm
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