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What You Need to Know

The overlapping worlds of security and networking are evolving at an ever-increasing pace. As new efficiencies become possible and as new threats are identified, networking and security pros need to remain ever-vigilant in order to remain effective.

With change comes opportunity. The opportunity you have today is to take a hard look at how you’re operating your networking and security disciplines and determine exactly how best to move forward with each.

For networking, that means considering adoption of emerging technologies, but it also means ensuring that you can adequately support that environment. So, you may look at VMware NSX as a means to overhaul your network, but that means you also need to consider monitoring tools that can help you stay nimble and available.

In the world of security, new threats are a constant worry, and you have to remain on high alert to protect your company. From network-centric security services to emerging technologies such as microsegmentation, security pros are pulled in every direction possible and need to consider a broad swath of products to meet their goals. And, they also have to keep their users in the know without overwhelming them.

On the October 2nd Networking and Security MegaCast you’ll hear from the most innovative networking and security companies in the enterprise space today, you’ll learn what makes them unique, and see their solution in action!

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