Special Webinar Event Resilient Cybersecurity with Network Detection and Response


  • Progress Software

About This Webinar

The cybersecurity threats that organizations of all types and sizes face are numerous, complex, and continuously changing as cybercriminals devise and discover new attack methods. Protections must be in place at network perimeters, on user endpoint devices, on application servers, and for the cloud-based services that are an increasingly common deployment method.

Experience over the last few years has identified another essential component in a complete cybersecurity defense posture, Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions. Industry analysts such as Gartner and Quadrant Knowledge Solutions see NDR as essential to cybersecurity defense, not as a cure-all for all cybersecurity threats but as a core part of the multilayered defense mentioned above.

In this webinar, Frank Cotto, Solutions Architect at Progress Software, will introduce you to the Network Detection and Response tools, exploring the benefits of adding them to the solutions already deployed in your network infrastructure.

  1. Scott Bekker

    Host Scott Bekker Webinar Moderator ActualTech Media

  2. Frank Cotto

    Featuring Frank Cotto Principal Sales Engineer Progress Software

What You'll Learn

  1. Global threat landscape and challenges of Security operations
  2. What is Network Detection and Response and what problems it solves
  3. How Network Detection and Response solution works
  4. Benefits of Network Detection and Response solution
  5. Ransomware Detection case study based on real example