EcoCast By ActualTech Media Building a 2024 Hybrid Collaboration Roadmap


  • Nasuni

About This EcoCast

The way we collaborate at work has changed forever, whether that be in office, remote, or hybrid environments. The ability to collaborate seamlessly and effectively no matter the employee's or client’s location is paramount.

There are many networked unified communication and collaboration solutions on the market, but it is important for IT professionals to know which networked AV systems and collaboration technologies to choose.

Join this EcoCast to learn from key AV/IT industry experts about their networked unified communication and collaboration solutions.

  1. Veerali Patel

    Featuring Veerali Patel Senior Product Marketing Manager Nasuni

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn how to create a sustainable roadmap to incorporate networked, unified communication and collaboration technologies that can be easily deployed, managed, monitored, serviced, and provide actionable data
  2. Discover the latest networked unified communication and collaboration products or solutions
  3. Uncover how sales teams, remote and global workers, consultants and clients can collaborate seamlessly and effectively
  4. Hear from experts about the importance of choosing the right