Upleveling Business Continuity: Ensuring Availability of AV, Meeting, Collaboration, and Classroom Instruction Systems


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About This EcoCast

Whether in the corporate enterprise, higher education, or mission control room, business continuity has become essential everywhere.

In March 2020, businesses discovered that audio and video conferencing platforms and well-versed AV/IT teams were no longer optional and lack of such systems and teams to keep those systems running meant that business as usual ground to a halt.

Managed services in the IT space have been in place for many years, however, few are aware of AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS). It doesn’t take a pandemic to have a need for an AV/IT team to either backfill for staff shortages or provide full turnkey services. AV equipment and software are also offered as a service.

Whether the need is local or global, AV/IT service companies offer a 360-degree approach. Think of AVaaS in the same light as any mission-critical as-a-service.

From onsite and remote staffing to deploying, managing, and monitoring AV systems; keeping AV equipment and systems up to date; helping to ensure continuity for room AV and collaboration systems; a help desk; streaming Town Halls; or providing an offsite network operations center, there’s no end to what’s available with AVaaS.

Attend this EcoCast to learn from key AV industry manufacturers and AVaaS companies about the business benefits and uptime guarantees of their companies' offerings.

  1. Josh Blalock

    Featuring Josh Blalock Chief Video Evangelist Jabra

What You'll Learn

  1. Discover best practices for ensuring business continuity for AV systems
  2. Learn about the concrete benefits of AVaaS providers and top AV/IT service companies
  3. Get your questions answered by top industry experts!