Recovering from Ransomware: It's Crucial To Have the Right Priorities in Place


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The First Things You Must Do

The initial minutes and hours of a ransomware attack are critical. How an organization responds in those crucial moments makes all the difference in how long recovery will take, whether a ransom payment will be required, and whether the overall future of the victim organization is threatened. Yet those moments, aren't the time for choosing either. Those choices actually take place before an attack, when an organization is laying plans, setting priorities, and buying solutions and services to stop these attacks before they happen.

Join security expert and author Larry Seltzer in this Expert Series session, where you'll learn the decisions that you need to make to prevent, defend, and rapidly recover from a ransomware event.

  1. Keith Ward

    Host Keith Ward Webinar Moderator ActualTech Media

  2. Larry Seltzer

    Guest Speaker Larry Seltzer Security Researcher

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn about the main areas of ransomware risk
  2. Discover new and innovative ransomware prevention and recovery tools
  3. Get all your questions answered from our panel of security experts!