Exploring the Tools and Solutions That Comprise a Comprehensive Ransomware Strategy


  • Nasuni
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • RAPID7
  • Graphus

About This EcoCast

In 2023 a variety of siloed security tools isn't going to be successful in stopping the next ransomware attack. What you need is a comprehensive ransomware prevention and recovery strategy where many tools integrate and work together to combat the ransomware threat.

Join us on this EcoCast, to learn about the ecosystem of security and data protection tools that integrate and ensure that you meet all the best practices of a comprehensive ransomware defense, prevention, and recovery strategy.

  1. Larry Seltzer

    Keynote Speaker Larry Seltzer Writer/Analyst

  2. Ben Clark

    Featuring Ben Clark Senior Product Marketing Manager Nasuni

  3. Dominique Kilman

    Featuring Dominique Kilman Consulting Director Palo Alto Networks

  4. Jeffrey Gardner

    Featuring Jeffrey Gardner Practice Advisor - Detection & Response RAPID7

  5. Miles Walker

    Featuring Miles Walker Channel Development Manager Graphus

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn about the main areas of ransomware risk
  2. Discover new and innovative ransomware prevention and recovery tools
  3. Watch demos of the latest innovations
  4. Get all your questions answered from our panel of security experts!