Special Webinar Event High-Performance Database Backup and Recovery in the Cloud Era

What You Need to Know

James Green

Host James Green

Partner & vExpert,
ActualTech Media

“Help! My database is huge, backup windows are shattered and I have no disk space left!”

Does this sound like a familiar experience...maybe the one you have with your on-premises backup solutions?

The tools and processes that database administrators (DBAs) and backup admins rely on to ensure robust and secure data protection, timely recovery, and consistent governance have become highly fragmented and expensive to maintain due to disparate, on-premises backup systems and infrastructure. As a result, organizations still face the risk of database failures and data loss.

Defining the right data protection strategy for databases remains critical for meeting your business continuity SLAs.

On this brand new webinar, we'll be showing you:

  • How to develop a database protection strategy that will address all relevant risks of instance, application and media failures, and ensure alignment to business requirements
  • Leverage the cloud for high performance and scalable backups
  • Access and recover your database quickly - anytime and anywhere
  • Ensure database consistency and point-in-time recovery with transaction logs