VDI & End User Computing EcoCast


  • Pure Storage
  • Nutanix

About This EcoCast

There's no disputing the multitude of reasons that companies are moving to VDI. The increase in security, the management efficiency, and cost savings are real but they don't come without the right architecture, software, and storage in the datacenter.

On this VDI EcoCast from ActualTech Media we'll be deep diving into new solutions that boost performance, increase reliability and optimize VDI environments from a few dozen desktops all the way to hundreds or even thousands.

Don't miss this unique event: you're guaranteed to learn something new and have a chance to win a Google Pixel Book Laptop!

  1. Kyle Grossmiller

    Featuring Kyle Grossmiller VDI Solutions Architect Pure Storage

  2. To Be Announced

    Featuring To Be Announced To Be Announced Nutanix

What You'll Learn

  1. The latest innovations in VDI and End User Computing (EUC)
  2. Live demonstrations of VDI solutions in action!
  3. How VDI solutions solve real-world VDI performance, availability, and scalability challenges
  4. Have a chance to win a Google Pixel Book Laptop!
  5. And much much more!