To Automate or Not To Automate: Cloud Cost Optimization Strategies


  • DoiT

About This Webinar

Running workloads in the public cloud usually entails trying to save money wherever and whenever possible. But the road to full cost optimization is a long and winding one. There are many different levers to potentially pull along the way, and each lever requires a certain amount of time and expertise.

This webinar will focus on two key cost optimization strategies – compute commitments and spot instances. Learn about the pitfalls to implement and manage these strategies, as well as how to avoid them with ease and simplicity by using automated solutions like DoiT Flexsave™️.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Author, Speaker, and vExpert ActualTech Media

  2. Craig Lowell

    Featuring Craig Lowell Product Marketing Manager DoiT

  3. Yuval Drori Retvizer

    Featuring Yuval Drori Retvizer Staff Cloud Architect DoiT

  4. Mehdi Nemlaghi

    Featuring Mehdi Nemlaghi Staff Cloud Architect DoiT

What You'll Learn

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of commitment-based pricing
  2. Requirements for comprehensive commitment monitoring
  3. Benefits of automating your cost optimization strategies