Special Webinar Event How to Migrate to OpenShift 4 at Scale with Red Hat, Intel, and Portworx


  • Portworx by Pure Storage
  • Red Hat
  • Intel®

About This Webinar

In this webinar, Red Hat, Intel, and Portworx will provide you with exposure to the new OpenShift®️ Migration Tooling through a series of labs migrating application workloads (both stateful and stateless) between OpenShift Clusters.

We will also cover tips, techniques, and best-practices for debugging failed migrations.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Author, Speaker, and vExpert ActualTech Media

  2. Matt LeVan

    Featuring Matt LeVan Senior Solutions Engineer Portworx by Pure Storage

  3. Matthew Miller

    Featuring Matthew Miller Chief Architect, North America Partner Ecosystem Red Hat

  4. Raghu Moorthy

    Featuring Raghu Moorthy Director and Principal Engineer Intel®

What You'll Learn

  1. Migrating applications from Red Hat OpenShift 3 clusters to Red Hat OpenShift 4 clusters using the Migration Toolkit for Containers (MTC) provided by OpenShift Container Platform 4 leveraging both the UI and API.
  2. Use cases that migrate stateful applications, including how to migrate with Portworx Enterprise (#1 Kubernetes Data Platform)
  3. Successful case studies and processes/tools implementing and conducting migrations to Portworx storage solutions for OpenShift