Special Webinar Event How NetApp Builds Cyber Resiliency in Key Industries


  • NetApp

About This Webinar

Manufacturing, Financial Services, EDA, and Healthcare organizations must keep their business lines running seamlessly, while shielding development teams from unwelcome intruders. Downtimes impact business continuity and the ability to deliver products and services in the tight windows required by customers. Join NetApp in a panel discussion as we discuss the current ecosystem of cyber threats across three key verticals and the steps taken by customers to address these ongoing challenges.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Author, Speaker, and vExpert ActualTech Media

  2. Jason Blosil

    Featuring Jason Blosil Principal Marketing Strategist, Cyber Resilience NetApp

  3. Russ Sagert

    Featuring Russ Sagert Global Vertical Lead – Manufacturing NetApp

  4. Peter Dean

    Featuring Peter Dean Global Vertical Lead – Financial Services Industry NetApp

  5. Brian O'Mahony

    Featuring Brian O'Mahony Global Healthcare EHR Practice Manager NetApp

  6. Michael Johnson

    Featuring Michael Johnson Principal Technologist – EDA NetApp

What You'll Learn

  1. How to overcome Data Resiliency challenges in the manufacturing, financial services, and healthcare industries
  2. How to protect business critical activities & databases from daily cyber threats
  3. How NetApp is helping customers protect their software development process and secure product information – on prem and in the cloud