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Why You Need to Attend This Cloud-Focused Event

What You Need to Know

Cloud solutions are changing the world by providing more efficiency, scalability, and agility than ever before. When searching for solutions to help you and your company, you’ll find hybrid-cloud offerings in many different shapes and sizes. For example, enterprises are searching for new solutions around cloud storage, cloud data protection, cloud disaster recovery, hybrid-cloud management, and on-premises private cloud.

With new cloud solutions seemingly being launched every day, it’s a huge challenge for IT organizations to quickly learn where these solutions fit in the ecosystem, find out what makes them unique, compare them to alternatives, and see them in action. To meet that challenge, we created this all-new ActualTech Media Cloud MegaCast!

On this fast-paced event, you’ll learn how new hybrid-cloud solutions can help your company, how they can make your life easier, and see them in action first-hand! You’ll be able to get your questions answered from our expert presenters and have a chance to win some awesome prizes too!

David M. Davis Scott D. Lowe Geordie Carswell James Green
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