EcoCast By ActualTech Media Ins and Outs of Cyber Insurance: Protecting the Organization Against Ransomware Damages


  • Rubrik
  • Delinea
  • Pentera

About This EcoCast

One of the most essential elements of any ransomware plan is cyber insurance. Yet qualifying for, maintaining, and making claims on a cyber insurance policy requires focus and effort. As ransomware evolves in terms of attack methods, incident volume, and payment amounts, the insurance policies must shift as well. Unfortunately, few IT professionals understand exactly how their cyber insurance policies work until they're in the center of a chaotic ransomware incident. Attend this EcoCast to gain a better understanding of how cyber insurance-related offerings can help you avoid or weather ransomware and other cyber incidents.

  1. Allan Liska

    Guest Speaker Allan Liska Ransomware Expert and Industry Veteran

  2. Vir Choksi

    Featuring Vir Choksi Senior Product Marketing Manager Rubrik

  3. Joseph Carson

    Featuring Joseph Carson Chief Security Scientist & Advisory CISO Delinea

  4. Thomas Pore

    Featuring Thomas Pore Director of Product Marketing Pentera

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn the basics of cyber insurance offerings
  2. Discover what cyber insurance does -- and doesn’t – cover
  3. Hear about important trends and changes in cyber insurance policies