Exploring Innovation in IT: Upleveling Business Outcomes


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  • Rubrik
  • TierPoint

About This Summit

As organizations around the world seek new ways to enhance operations, transform processes, improve security, and reimagine customer experiences, it's more critical than ever to stay current in understanding the vendor landscape to discover what's possible.

During this unique one-day Virtual Summit, you’ll hear from market-leading companies to help your organization identify the perfect solutions to meet your developing needs.

From harnessing the power of data to raising security shields to battle ransomware to tightening operational processes to leveraging modern cloud, infrastructure, and data protection tools, by the end of this Summit, you’ll walk away armed with a short-list of potential solutions.

  1. Ed Tittel

    Guest Speaker Ed Tittel IT Expert & Author

  2. Michaline Todd

    Featuring Michaline Todd CMO strongDM

  3. John Martinez

    Featuring John Martinez DAM Evangelist strongDM

  4. Branden Allmon

    Featuring Branden Allmon Sales Engineer Rubrik

  5. Corey Soule

    Featuring Corey Soule Cloud Sales Specialist Modernizing and Innovating in the Cloud

  6. Derek Townsend

    Featuring Derek Townsend Cloud Solutions Architect TierPoint

What You'll Learn

  1. Discover new categories of tools aimed at improving business outcomes, not just IT outcomes
  2. Find out about best practices for improving processes and uncovering new business opportunities
  3. Learn new tricks for staying a step ahead of ransomware actors