MegaCast By ActualTech Media Supporting a Remote Workforce


  • Palo Alto Networks
  • 1Password
  • HPE Aruba Networking
  • Nasuni
  • Guest Speaker

About This MegaCast

The world of work remains utterly transformed by the events of the last few years. The temporary measure of working remote gained a permanent foothold in many organizations, after employees in home offices put to rest many doubts about their productivity out of the office.

Along with advantages, remote work does pose a number of novel challenges, including security, collaboration, IT support, and software/service licensing, to name just a few. In this MegaCast, learn how new technology can help you support your remote workforce.

  1. Sivasekharan Rajasekaran

    Featuring Sivasekharan Rajasekaran Director of Product Marketing Palo Alto Networks

  2. Tyler Gittens

    Featuring Tyler Gittens Solutions Engineer 1Password

  3. John Spiegel

    Featuring John Spiegel Director of Network Transformation, Field CTO HPE Aruba Networking

  4. Jaye Tillson

    Featuring Jaye Tillson Director of Strategy (Field CTO) HPE Aruba Networking

  5. Veerali Patel

    Featuring Veerali Patel Senior Product Marketing Manager Nasuni

  6. To Be Announced

    Featuring To Be Announced Guest Speaker

What You'll Learn

  1. Discover the ways in which remote work has changed the IT landscape
  2. Find out how much more vulnerable distributed environments are—and how to stay safe
  3. Get your questions answered by remote work experts!