Optimizing Data and Apps on Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and On-Premises


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About This EcoCast

As an IT pro, you are tasked with helping your organization get the most out of its data and applications no matter where those applications are.

Get help in your constant search for solutions and services that can maximize the value of the data and applications you oversee by attending this EcoCast.

You'll find valuable, innovative solutions for optimizing data and applications, whether those digital assets live in the cloud, in a hybrid cloud environment, or exclusively on-premises.

  1. Harsha Kotikela

    Featuring Harsha Kotikela Product and Solution Marketing Nutanix

Why You Should Join:

  1. Discover innovative solutions for optimizing data and apps
  2. Gain a new understanding of issues and solutions that arise when those assets are in the cloud versus on-premises
  3. Get your questions answered by industry experts!