Zero Touch IT: Understanding and Implementing


  • CyberArk
  • Scale Computing

About This EcoCast

With no relief in sight for the shortage of IT professionals, organizations are primed for zero-touch IT.

Orchestrated, end-to-end, automated workflows with the potential to replace manual processes for repetitive tasks is more appealing than ever. Get help with the IT shortage and the proliferation of responsibilities by learning about innovative implementations of zero-touch IT concepts. Find out how they can make a difference in your operation!

  1. Matt Balderstone

    Featuring Matt Balderstone Solution Strategy Architect, Endpoint - Global CyberArk

  2. Craig Theriac

    Featuring Craig Theriac VP of Product Management Scale Computing

  3. Taylor Leick

    Featuring Taylor Leick Senior Product Manager Scale Computing

What You'll Learn

  1. See how orchestration and automation can lighten the IT workload
  2. Learn best practices for getting started on the zero touch IT journey
  3. Get your questions answered by top industry experts!