Turbocharging a Manufacturing and Retail Environment: Improving Efficiency and Performance


  • Rubrik
  • VMware

About This Vertical EcoCast

IT departments in the manufacturing and retail sectors are under constant pressure to innovate and perform. With razor-thin margins the norm, even minor efficiency gains can make a huge difference in whether the company operates at a profit or a loss.

Attend this Vertical EcoCast to learn about exciting new solutions from the most innovative companies in the sector. You'll come away with tools, ideas, and solutions for improving efficiency, as well as best practices around digital transformation projects that can make a huge difference in operations.

Get inspiration and new ideas for everyday challenges in manufacturing and retail!

  1. Zubin Talavia

    Featuring Zubin Talavia Advisory Sales Engineer Rubrik

  2. Ed Durbin

    Featuring Ed Durbin Sr. Director Global Retail Industry Group VMware

What You'll Learn

  1. See live demos of these solutions in action
  2. Access trial versions of valuable tools
  3. Hear answers to your top questions from expert presenters!