Securing, Backing up, and Optimizing K8s


  • Rubrik
  • Kasten by Veeam

About This EcoCast

As the benefits of containers and Kubernetes attract the attention of more developers, IT departments find themselves responsible for managing those modern applications. And it's no small task.

Challenges abound. First, it's a completely different security surface than traditional applications, with different considerations, concerns, and solutions. Similarly, management of modern applications is a different beast. Kubernetes arose out of that challenge, but Kubernetes raises management concerns of its own. The scalability of containers and Kubernetes is another benefit that creates its own challenges. On top of all that, modern applications can introduce cultural challenges within an IT organization.

Attend this EcoCast to hear from innovative companies that are addressing these and other challenges head on with cutting-edge solutions!

  1. Kristina Avrionova

    Featuring Kristina Avrionova Principal Product Marketing Manager Rubrik

  2. Ben Meadowcroft

    Featuring Ben Meadowcroft Director of Product Management Rubrik

  3. Mike Carcerano

    Featuring Mike Carcerano Principal Product Manager Kasten by Veeam

Why You Should Join:

  1. Learn about top challenges presented by containers and Kubernetes
  2. Discover new solutions for securing, managing, and optimizing modern applications
  3. Ask questions of top experts in the field!