Protecting SaaS Applications: Security and Data Protection Considerations


  • Synology
  • Spanning
  • Rubrik
  • Metallic, A Commvault Venture
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Nudge Security
  • HYCU

About This MegaCast

Software as a Service is eating the world, with every department, and even individual employees, signing up for subscriptions for essential functions with or without the knowledge of IT. The SaaS model delivers unprecedented value to organizations, but protecting the dozens or hundreds of SaaS applications inside every organization introduces new security concerns. Your team may be struggling to protect key corporate data stored in your SaaS applications, or to monitor and document what SaaS applications are in use. Possibly your major concern is managing access and ensuring that users aren’t sharing or reusing passwords, maybe all of the above!

On the MegaCast, you will connect with innovative companies who are solving these and other problems of SaaS security and data protection. Get the expert guidance you need to face the challenges of a SaaS world and get the most out of your expanding IT infrastructure!

  1. Trevor Peterson

    Featuring Trevor Peterson Technical Account Manager Synology

  2. Shyam Oza

    Featuring Shyam Oza Director Product Management, Unitrends Unitrends

  3. Jerry Rijnbeek

    Featuring Jerry Rijnbeek VP Rubrik X, Tech GTM Rubrik

  4. Salvatore Buccoliero

    Featuring Salvatore Buccoliero Snr SAAS & Security Sales Engineer EMEA Rubrik

  5. Zack Brigman

    Featuring Zack Brigman Senior Product Marketing Manager Metallic, A Commvault Venture

  6. Ashwin Shetty

    Featuring Ashwin Shetty Product Marketing Manager Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  7. Kyleigh Fitzgerald

    Featuring Kyleigh Fitzgerald Senior Product Marketing Manager | Cloud Data Management and Protection Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  8. Danielle Russell

    Featuring Danielle Russell Head of Product Marketing Nudge Security

  9. Andy Fernandez

    Featuring Andy Fernandez Director of Product Management HYCU

What You'll Learn

  1. Explore the unique challenges and opportunities of SaaS
  2. Manage, protect and enhance your SaaS applications
  3. Enhance your organization's IT infrastructure and get the most out of your SaaS applications