Improving Security and Ransomware Preparedness in Financial Services Organizations


  • Rubrik
  • ServiceNow

About This Vertical EcoCast

While ransomware continues to be a concern for all organizations, it poses a greater challenge for financial services organizations in particular. With a high level of heavily regulated data involved, organizations like yours will face even larger repercussions if bad actors are able to exfiltrate your data in a sophisticated ransomware attack. This increased level of risk is all the more reason to be sure that your organization is prepared with strong defences and a robust recovery and back-up plan.

In this Vertical EcoCast, leading experts will focus on the special needs of financial services organizations. These interesting and specified sessions will cover the detailed challenges of security and ransomware in the financial sector, and explore innovative solutions and services that address those issues head on.

  1. Vir Choksi

    Featuring Vir Choksi Senior Product Marketing Manager Rubrik

  2. Tim Christin

    Featuring Tim Christin Solutions Sales Executive, Security ServiceNow

  3. Karl Klaessig

    Featuring Karl Klaessig Director of Product Marketing, Security Operations ServiceNow

What You'll Learn

  1. Explore protection and security solutions for financial services organizations
  2. Discover the best practices, tools and technologies for ransomware protection and recovery within the financial services vertical