MegaCast By ActualTech Media Minimizing RTO and RPO: Best Practices for Bulletproof Backup and Ultrafast Recovery


  • Unitrends
  • Rubrik
  • Pure Storage
  • Cohesity
  • Commvault

About This MegaCast

There are a lot of layers and steps to creating a robust security and defense program. And no plan is complete without a comprehensive look at backup and recovery, which brings us to the all important RTO and the RPO – recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives. What needs to be recovered and how fast can you get it back? If you don’t know exactly what these are, or if you are not sure your entire team would have the same answers, it is time to make a change!

Join in this MegaCast and get key tips, insights, and best practices on how to reduce the risk to your organization. Learn from top industry experts as they explore the hottest solutions and services available to keep RTO and RPO to an absolute minimum.

We may not be able to stop the worst from happening, but we can all rest a little easier knowing that if/when we need to, we can get up off the ground and back on the track as quickly and effectively as possible!

  1. Melissa Palmer

    Keynote Speaker Melissa Palmer Technology Analyst / VMware Certified Design Expert

  2. Melissa Palmer

    Keynote Speaker Melissa Palmer Technology Analyst / VMware Certified Design Expert

  3. Shyam Oza

    Featuring Shyam Oza Director Product Management, Unitrends Unitrends

  4. Levern Wilson

    Featuring Levern Wilson Inside Sales Engineer Rubrik

  5. Chad Monteith

    Featuring Chad Monteith Principal Field Solutions Architect Pure Storage

  6. Lance Boley

    Featuring Lance Boley Senior Product Marketing Manager Cohesity

  7. Jonathon Mayor

    Featuring Jonathon Mayor Director, Security Solutions Architecture Cohesity

  8. Rick Gay

    Featuring Rick Gay Principal Technologist Commvault

What You'll Learn

  1. Solutions and services to minimize RTO and RPO
  2. Define and update your team's Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives
  3. Trends and best practices for fast recovery