Wrangling the Cloud: Avoiding Missteps and Improving Application Environments


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  • Rubrik
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About This MegaCast

As more and more organizations go all in with cloud, there has been a rise in opportunistic, scattershot approaches, both for infrastructure and applications. And, when the dust settles, some of you may be looking around at a Frankenstein style creation that is hard to monitor and even harder to control.

Don’t let your cloud infrastructure run amok, join in this Mega Cast and get expert insights and tips on how to get things back under control. Listen to industry leaders explore the solutions, strategies and techniques you need to effectively develop, migrate and deploy new applications to the cloud.

Drop the pitchfork and turn your hodgepodge creation into a streamlined, simple and effective cloud infrastructure that will empower your organization’s growth this year.

What You'll Learn

  1. Streamline and update existing cloud infrastructure
  2. Discover new tools and technologies to enhance your cloud environment
  3. Cloud management, optimization and migration tips and technologies