Transforming IT in Healthcare Environments


  • Rubrik
  • Palo Alto Networks

About This Vertical EcoCast

Digitization is coming to healthcare, just like the rest of the world. But in a healthcare specific environment, this ongoing transformation requires a special set of skills, knowledge, and considerations. That’s why we have gathered a collection of presenters who are experts in creating, maintaining, protecting and supercharging IT environments for healthcare organizations like yours!

Join in this industry specific EcoCast and explore transformative solutions focused on increasing efficiency and performance, data protection, compliance and governance, and security. Don’t waste resources trying to make a solution fit your specific needs. Join in this exciting conversation and get all the insights, tips, tools and best practices to build the IT environment you’ve been dreaming of!

  1. Kristina Avrionova

    Featuring Kristina Avrionova Principal Product Marketing Manager Rubrik

  2. Zubin Talavia

    Featuring Zubin Talavia Advisory Sales Engineer Rubrik

  3. Karthik Thumula

    Featuring Karthik Thumula Principal Technical Marketing Engineer Palo Alto Networks

What You'll Learn

  1. Discover the best tools and solutions for healthcare IT environments
  2. Update or enhance existing tools and technologies
  3. Explore tips and trends in healthcare digitization