Special Webinar Event Data Center Madness - Round 1



  • Intel®

Datacenter Duel:

Our Data Center Madness tournament kicks off with a couple heated rivalries in a long-anticipated battle royale. As IT organizations prepare to re-platform their data centers for the next decade, there are multiple decision vectors to consider. This round focuses on the two most popular ones.

  1. Howard Marks

    Featuring Howard Marks Deep Storage

  2. Christine McMonigal

    Featuring Christine McMonigal Storage Software Ecosystem Manager Intel®

  3. Stephen Foskett

    Featuring Stephen Foskett Organizer in Chief Gestalt IT

  4. Joep Piscaer

    Featuring Joep Piscaer CTO OGD ict-diensten

What You'll Learn

  1. Storage Skirmish:
  2. Flash-based storage systems are getting cheaper and more reliable, but is it too early to go in for a complete all-flash refresh for the entire data center? Or are hybrid systems still the most popular for the next 5 years?
  3. DIY vs. Pre-Integrated:
  4. Will people still make disparate SANs, NAS, Servers, Virtualization software, backup solutions, and networking from different vendors work together because of the flexibility it offers? Or are we moving to a pre-integrated world where most deployments will be converged or hyperconverged?