Underscoring the Importance of Zero Trust in Modern Organizations


  • strongDM
  • Rubrik

About This PanelCast

It is clear that organizations are universally concerned about security and want to take action to improve their platforms and strategies. For many businesses however, identifying how to implement these strategies is not always as obvious. It can be easy to get lost in trends and buzzwords without really knowing how to prioritize improvements to your security program. There is a lot of excitement and interest around ideas like zero-trust, but some of you might still be feeling a bit fuzzy on what exactly it is, how it works and how it should be implemented.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the hype, join this PanelCast discussion and dig into the realities of a zero-trust approach; what it means and how to successfully implement within your organization. Listen to a panel of experts lay out the foundational knowledge you have been looking for, explore innovative solutions and tools, answer specific questions, and provide in-depth insight into the exciting world of zero-trust.

  1. David Davis

    Host David Davis Author, Speaker, and vExpert ActualTech Media

  2. Alex Kokkinos

    Featuring Alex Kokkinos Senior Solutions Engineer strongDM

  3. Murthy Mathiprakasam

    Featuring Murthy Mathiprakasam Senior Director of Product Marketing Rubrik

What You'll Learn

  1. Keep up with a rapidly evolving threat landscape
  2. Explore top solutions and platforms for each layer of your security program
  3. Enhance your organization's adaptability and rapid response tactics