Protecting Endpoints: Understanding Human and Technical Solutions


  • KnowBe4
  • Rubrik
  • CyberArk

About This EcoCast

Endpoints are the new front line in the battle against cyberattacks. As both the variety and sophistication of attacks continue to grow, organizations need equally varied and sophisticated defenses in place.

Join in this important EcoCast and hear from top industry professionals who want to help you fortify and protect your organization’s endpoints. Whether you are looking for an innovative technology approach, a defense against emerging threats, an update to a foundational security tool, a training program for end users, or a monitoring and alerting tool, this is the discussion you need.

See you at the EcoCast!

  1. Perry Carpenter

    Featuring Perry Carpenter Chief Evangelist and Strategy Office KnowBe4

  2. Robert West

    Featuring Robert West Inside Sales Engineer Rubrik

  3. Andrey Pozhogin

    Featuring Andrey Pozhogin Senior Product Marketing Manager – Endpoint CyberArk

What You'll Learn

  1. Strengthen your existing endpoint technology
  2. Explore new endpoint protection solutions
  3. Training programs and end user protection